“twin tube gas-filled” shock absorber

KYB EXCEL G shock absorbers have a unique three- stage self-adjusting patented valve system.

Almost all Japanese vehicle manufacturers use KYB Excel G twin-tube shock absorbers as their OEM component.

KYB EXCEL G shock absorbers are commonly used in passenger cars, SUV and light passenger vans in Sri Lanka as a replacement component.


“gas-filled” shock absorbers

Economical replacement shock absorber which is made in Japan for safe and comfortable ride for older vehicles. This model provides KYB quality at a reasonable price. This is the best choice for those who want to save cost with a comfortable ride.


“oil-filled” shock absorber

This conventional technology is designed especially for commercial vehicles and old passenger cars.


“mono tube” high performance shock absorber

The Mono Tube is one of the most advanced Technology for shock absorbers. These shock absorbers are used by high performance vehicles, to cancel out excessive oscillation on rough roads. In the cylinder section of the mono tube type structure, the interior of tube is divided into oil chamber and nitrogen gas chamber by a floating piston. This type of shock enhances the stability and performance of the vehicle. If you need a shock of superior performance and resistance, then Gas-A-Just is the best option.


KYB steering dampers for off road jeeps

Cabin Shock

KYB cabin shock absorbers for trucks